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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are the most versatile out of our range as they can be closed for privacy, open to expose the scenery and also open with the louvres slightly tilted to filter the light or offer privacy.
Our Vertical Blinds have many options to be customised to your needs. Please see below for the various customisations we offer.
Other than the usual colour options there are also fabric options suited for different rooms in the house. For example in a bathroom PVC is a fantastic option to prevent any water damage. Other options include washable fabrics and Teflon coated. Also our louvres come in 2 widths, the common 89mm which is perfect for privacy or 127mm for letting in as much light as possible.
We have a variety of options when it comes to control such as a wand option for maximum child safety. You can choose which side your controls are located even if it’s a standard chain and cord which also comes with a cord tidy cleat to keep your controls out of a child’s reach.
At Elegant Curtains & Blinds we offer a unique service to profile your Vertical Blinds. With a range of head rail options and bottom weights, chains and control chain options. Contact us for details.

"Make it safe"

Elegant Curtains & Blinds is a proud supporter of the "make it safe" campaign which means we ensure that all our blinds are safe around babies and young children. All cords and chains will be fitted with child safety devices in line with EU regulations to prevent them hanging loose and they will be fitted out of reach of babies and young children.

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